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The Book of Philippians is out now!! Get your FREE download today at: www.aaronleatherdale.bandcamp.com 

MTS Records had the honor and privilege to Mix and Master Aaron Leatherdale's new album "The Book of Philippians" 

This album was written in the place of prayer and on stage at the International House of Prayer, Kansas City. Aaron raps on a worship team at IHOPKC and is writing raps every day in the 24/7 prayer room. 

This is why MTS records works with artists like Aaron Leatherdale, because his music is made to glorify Jesus' name. 

Bye click on the banner, you will be taken to Aaron's bandcamp where you can download this album for FREE!!

Message Through Song Records Mission

At MTS Records we are all about knowing who and what music is for; the music that comes from our record company is for the Lord and unto the Lord. If that’s what you are looking for--you want see MTS Records on the back of the CD! MTS Records is about the business of knowing the artists personally that we record, knowing who the heart from which the songs were written and knowing how the Lord has moved them to write music. There is a message with every song you hear and at MTS Records we want to make sure that what you are listening to is from the Lord and for the Lord.

Tracks that MTS Records has done. Take a listen

The Witness by Justin Rizzo, Recorded at IHOPU Studio's.  

The Witness.mp3

Jeremiah by Jon Rizzo, Recorded at IHOPU Studio's 


The Way You Are by Jon Rizzo, Recorded at IHOPU Studio's 

The Way You Are.mp3

Help Me by John McCants, Recorded at Forerunner Studio's 

Help Me.mp3

Shema Israel by Krista Bowker, Recorded at Forerunner Studio's  

Shema Israel.mp3

About MTS Records  

Bio on MTS.......................................................................................

Message Through Song (MTS) was the name the Lord gave me in 2005 when I was in a summer teen camp at the International House of Prayer. The Lord has laid this idea of starting a recording studio on my heart for 5 years now and it’s slowly getting there. I have been patient with MTS and careful to listen to the Lord’s leading on all of it. The first steps were taken back in my home church in IL where I ran the sound on a little 12 channel sound board and where my trainer taught me to trust my ear.  Over the next 4 years, from 2004 to 2008, I ran sound and learned all I could at my church.  It wasn’t until I moved to IHOP that I got my hands on something bigger and more complex. Once at IHOP I started running sound for 2hr sets in the 24/7 Prayer Room 5 days a week.  During this time I also started college at Forerunner Music Academy (FMA) for music production and just received my three year certificate in music production.  I’m looking forward to the next years working in the studio. God bless….. Mark.

MTS Records is a christian label and does not work with those who do not believe in Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity, Father, Spirit, Son. 

 Mark Snyder is the Founder of MTS

  As a full-time missionary, Mark's primary means of support comes from donations. For more info, click HERE or just click the Donate button.

 DJ MAS the self titled Debut Album is here!

To download album click here: 


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