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I am currently on full time staff at IHOP as an intercessory missionary. The Lord provides for me financially through individual partners. If you would like to partner with me, my wife and little girl through a one-time gift or a monthly commitment please follow the link below.

      1.      He’s Coming Back       

2.      Come Back Now

3.      Destiny

4.      I Surrender

5.      Shall We Start

6.      Not My Know

                     Ft. Kevin Richardson

1. He's Coming Back.mp3

2. Come Back Now.mp3

3. Destiny.mp3

4. I Surrender.mp3

5. Shall We Start.mp3

6. Not My Own.mp3

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This CD was in the making for about three months. I began writing more lyrics and music and so I thought, “I need to get this out there”.   After 2 years in music school I decided that I really wanted to let people hear what I’ve been up to. This is my first attempt to rap, as I’m sure you can tell, but I’m getting there—it takes time. I’ve enjoyed the process of learning how to flow and rhyme and although I’m not the best at it…I know the Lord can still use it.

Track 1  He’s Coming Back was birthed out of a place of intersession & prayer. In times of longing for Jesus to return, this song would come to my head.  If you’re in that place of longing for the return of Jesus, this song cries out for that.

Track 2 Come Back Now was birthed out of the place of prayer.  I was praying for loved ones who have walked away from the Lord to become a part of worldly things.  From there the words, Come Back Now, echoed in my heart because He (Jesus) is coming back for His bride…He is coming back for you.

Track 3 Destiny is simply about knowing that I have a destiny in the Lord. It’s about knowing that the Lord has the best for me and He has a path and a future just waiting for me to walk into.

Track 4 I Surrender is remake of an old Vineyard song about giving Jesus everything.

Track 5 Shall We Start? is in reference to idea that before Genesis 1:1 the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit probably said to each other “Shall We Start?”.

Track 6 Not My Own is a song I wrote back in 2008 when I truly gave Jesus all of me.  I was no longer going to look back at my old life, but I was going to choose His life for me. I am His alone and what He did for me on the cross is something that cannot be repaid.

All photography and graphics on this project

 done by Dana DeSerio

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1. He's Coming 1. He's Coming
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2. Come Back 2. Come Back
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3. 3.
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4. I 4. I
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5. Shall We 5. Shall We
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6. Not My 6. Not My
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 Leave It All Behind 


This 17 track CD is all instrumental…below are 3 of them.

Many of the tracks were created by taking pre-made loops and putting them together; others were my own.

This was a fun CD that I put together back in 2008 during my onething internship. 

Leave It All Behind.mp3

You Never Let Me Down.mp3

The End Is Caming.mp3


Testimony with music 

Similar to most kids, I grew up playing sports and while living in Southern WI, hockey became my #1 game and I’ve continued to play at the goaltender position for 17yrs. Although I’ve stuck to stopping pucks for years, I’ve never really played an instrument whole heartedly.  Music became a serious part of my life at age 14 when I started running the church soundboard, which is also where my musical interests expanded toward musical engineering.   I am very eclectic in my love for music and I enjoy just about every genre, but my creative outlet is in the area of electronic music After a couple of years of studying  at IHOPU in Musical Engineering and being a part of a worship team, I guess you could say that my instrument is really the sound board and my computer.. 



DJ Mark Andrew Snyder  

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